Dear visitor,

My name is Love Kjellsson. I’m a swedish musician and composer.

Lately I’m mostly exploring the borders of Swedish traditional singing. I’m interested in how old music can be made relevant today. I work a lot outdoors. Exploring how music can be made in relation with the landscape. I grew up with traditional Scandinavian music. I have a duo with Sami-singer Johanna Sevä: Moaivi. Another band is Barnet which is currently supported by the Swedish Arts Council to produce a new album.

I’m also working with contemporary circus. One of the projects is a forest performance merging contemporary circus with traditional music, it’s called Knekke Greine. Another collaboration with circus artists is the stage performance Plast. A music performance intermingled with a poetical circus performance.

Don’t hesitate to contact me about anything: lovekjellsson@gmail.com

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