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My name is Love Kjellsson. I’m a swedish musician and composer.
Most of my work is managed by: ENTmanagement


The music I create is a way for me to connect to the divine.

I base my research and compositions upon traditions but I search in the ‘now’ to express what is needed. It’s a secular sacred music, contemporary but traditional. Minimalist but ambitious in my struggle to approach the sacred, the sublime.

Longing, searching, remembering something that never existed. An utopia of reality.

With my voice, violin, effect-pedal-board and my feet I improvise my way through old sacred hymns, fragments of poetry and melodies that are communicated over the ages.

I grew up playing the traditional music but when getting older I wondered what happened to the more introvert parts of my musical heritage. I want to develop the musical complexity of my spoken dialect and continue searching for qualities within the improvised, never repeatable music.

I have a duo with Sami-singer Johanna Sevä: Moaivi. Another band is Barnet

I’m also working with contemporary circus. One of the projects is a forest performance merging contemporary circus with traditional music, it’s called Knekke Greine. Another collaboration with circus artists is the stage performance Plast. A music performance intermingled with a poetical circus performance.

Don’t hesitate to contact me about anything: lovekjellsson@gmail.com
or read more at ENTmanagement

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