Last years I’ve been creating visual arts communicating some of my ideas. Before that I was working with commercial photography & retouch at Turbin. Sometimes I also work with various companies and organizations with visual communication.

Is It Evil to Kill a Tree? part 1 (read more) [2016]
Site specific photo and sculpture installation exhibited in may 2016.
Location: R1 a former underground nuclear research facility in Stockholm.

Is It Evil to Kill a Tree? part 2 (read more)  [2016]
Photo exhibition at Subtopia in nov 2016.

MIKSI – Figure/Ground (homepage)  [2016]
Collaboration with Matleena Laine, an experimental approach towards circus, performance & art.

Moivi – Photography (read more)  [2015]
Moivi is a music collaboration between joiker Johanna Sevä and me. (Moivi)
During the periods we worked together I have documented the surroundings in a way that has become a reflection of our music.

Barnet – Videos (homepage) [2013]
A serie of music videos made as a collaboration with Frida Johansson and other artists.