An interactive performative adventure in the forest. Starting from a blindfolded guided walk, the audience are led into the forest where three circus artist and a musician has let their creativity blossom. Inspired by ideas from nature science, nordic myths and children play they guide the audience through a world of life in the forest.


Plast is an exploratory circus performance interwoven with live music. Opening the realms of the magnificent, humble and the calm ‘Plast’ touches and moves. 

A plastic floating magically like the sea. The light touching it with a shimmering veil. A body wrapped in plastic suspended by the hair, unravelling, music flooding. Two bodies climbing and spinning in a rope, balancing a block of ice on the head. Will the balance break? How do we listen to each other?


Nesa i jorda – Nose in the soil – is a puzzling circus performance about the secrets of the forest.
Did you know that the fungus helps the trees talk to each other? They connect the whole underground of the forest, like a telephone line!
Pondering, we explore the fairy-tales from our reality. Two aerial acrobats and a musician climb, dig, balance and plant. Could we possibly be as strong as the ants?

To the violin’s dreamy and playful tones, the acrobats explore the height, the earth and what is underground. What if they could find the beginning of a tree?


Collaboration between Johanna Sevä and Love Kjellsson creating modern Sami music. It’s a meeting of two individuals with radically different backgrounds but a common aim of expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Moaivi’s soundscape is a mix of the joik tradition and the Swedish violin tradition with influences from modern pop, rock and ambient music. The meditative atmosphere is inspired by ancient music which aims to put the audience in contact with their feelings.


A formerly secret duo formed together with Frida Johansson in 2011. In 2019 Barnet release our first full-length album ”Tänk på Döden” on the label Sing A Song Fighter. Nowadays the secret duo is a non-secret quartet since Linnea Nilsson and Amanda Lindgren found us. Read more at our homepage.


I was a member of this indie-pop band between 2010-2018 playing numerous concerts, releasing three albums and recording several music videos. I was programming, playing beats, synthesizers and electric guitar.


Started as an experiment during my master-studies at the Dramatic University of Stockholm. I invited violinist Anna Karlsson and drummer Joakim Karlsson to develop a structure for group improvisation. This resulted in some shorter gigs, the recording of 4 songs and live music for a theatre piece with Mattias Malmros by Alma Linde.

Dyr Tid – Samirs Sorgemarsch
Dyr Tid – Dyr Tid
Dyr Tid – O Frondens Virga
Dyr Tid – Den signade Dag


An experiment of quick composing and production together with Aaron Mandelmann (double bass) resulted in 3 short songs. Based on old traditional hymns.

Love & Aaron – Min ros min lilja
Love & Aaron – Stor sak om världen hatar mig
Love & Aaron – Den blomstertid nu kommer


Scottish & Irish traditional music together with Martin Berwick, Jonathan Raleigh, Helga Asgeirsdotter & Albin Grenholm. I was part of the band around 2008-2010 playing the violin, banjo and singing backing vocals.


Performance / art / contemporary circus duo together with Matleena Laine. We created a show called figure ground and made several shorter presentations and residencies around the world.


A theatre show for children age 2-4. Produced by Teater Tre and played several hundred times with good reviews. My part was composing of music and sound design.


A theatre show for babies age 6-18 months. Produced by Teater Tre. My part was composing of music and sound design.


An experimental/ambient meditative solo-album recorded in 2019. Fiddle, tagelharpa and other instruments.

Love Kjellsson – Den signade dag
Love Kjellsson – Från jord är du kommen


On Spotify there is more than 6 hours of music on which I’m part of. Listen to this playlist and hear it all.